Good Eats: Reloaded

Alton Brown renovates, updates and repairs classic episodes by offering brand-new recipes and kitchen tips. He also gives a behind-the-scenes look at the show's production that will leave superfans wanting more.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Alton Brown

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 8.8

Season 1 - Good Eats: Reloaded
"Alton Brown \"reloads\" his classic steak show with an entirely new recipe for a reverse-seared ribeye steak. He also reviews thermometer basics, how to cure a cast-iron skillet and why pre-salting meat can be the right thing to do."
"Alton Brown \"reloads\" this early episode with new science on cold-water pasta cooking and shares his recipe for cacio a pepe."
"Alton Brown \"reloads\" his classic fish-and-chips show with a brand-new recipe for french fries and fish sticks all while being hounded by his sister who ... really isn't. Honest!"
"Alton Brown \"reloads\" a classic biscuit show featuring his grandmother, with an entirely new take on the classic quick bread. Lard and sifting are discussed and ... this time there are bo-nuts!"
"Alton Brown \"reloads\" his classic fondue show with some cheesy science and a completely new recipe, because he really didn't like the first one that much anyway. The Lady of the Refrigerator returns and boy, is she mad!"
"Alton Brown \"reloads\" an episode that has been bugging him for years. He finally comes to terms with grits and polenta while a certain Southern gentleman returns to teach the corniest bread of all."
"Alton Brown reloads this classic holiday episode with the help of a jolly old elf in red who's demanding that his Christmas cookies be gluten-free. The resulting cookies are even better than the originals."
"Alton Brown \"reloads\" this classic episode with a surprising new cheeseburger procedure and the \"lost\" ground meat dish the food sensors nixed back in '99."
"Alton Brown \"reloads\" his classic fried chicken episode with an all-new deep-fried recipe, an introduction to sumac and a look at the science of crunch."
"Alton Brown \"reloads\" his classic cocoa powder show with three updated dishes including a new twist on brownies, an introduction to black cardamom and a scientific road race."
Season 2 - Good Eats: Reloaded
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