The Real Marigold Hotel

A group of famous faces travel to India to see if retiring in India would be better than retiring in England.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - The Real Marigold Hotel
"The group take part in laughing yoga, with hilarious results. Then go in search of a cultural fix, finding it in the heart of Jaipur's largest slum which has been home to acrobats, magicians and puppeteers for centuries.\n\nThey visit Varanasi, a hugely popular destination and one of the holiest Hindu cities in India. Hindus visit to be purified by the waters of the Ganges and to cremate their dead in the hope they have the best chance of reaching nirvana.\n\nSettling into local life, they attend Ganesh Chaturti festival, one of the highlights of the Hindu calendar and a riot of colour and noise, packed with people, floats and elephants.\n\nBobby and Jan lead the group in a hunt for property. Bobby is keen to find somewhere to buy, while Jan falls in love with the idea of renting an apartment in a haveli amongst a local family.\n\nWith one week left of their Indian adventure, what conclusions will they reach about the realities of retiring to the other side of the world?"
Season 3 - The Real Marigold Hotel
"After a month of testing the waters to see whether they could live a life of retirement in India, the group's stay is coming to an end. It is their final week of living at the Udaipur haveli.\n\nThe senior citizens make the most of their last week together, with some enjoying the last of what the local city has to offer while others are setting off on ventures further afield.\n\nSusan, Syd and the Krankies go on one last adventure as they visit the pilgrimage town of Pushkar, where loved ones are remembered and relationships are celebrated. Syd and Susan are both moved by the spirituality of the holy city and share special memories together.\n\nCloser to home, Bob - still in search of some relief for his back problems - delves into the world of natural medicine, and his first Ayurvedic treatment comes as rather a surprise. Stephanie continues her spiritual journey in India and takes Susan to see a palmist and astrologer, where they\n\ndiscover good things are on the horizon.\n\nKeen to go out with a bang, Stanley organises a final cricket match between the senior citizens and their new local friends. Getting into the spirit of India's most famous sport, they don on their cricket whites and take to the crease - some for the first time in their lives! Captaining the group is Stanley, who rallies the troops as they get stuck in and take on the locals.\n\nThe month comes to an end with a final party and a musical rendition from Syd. The group reflect on the friendships formed, and lessons learnt, at the end of a wonderful month in Rajasthan."